This year marks the 30th anniversary of the uprisings in Southall; a peaceful protest against the presence of the National Front that turned bloody, costing the life of teacher Blair Peach and shaking the foundations of the governance of Britain.

The Southall Story is an archival, oral and visual documentation of the last 30 years reflecting a dynamic heritage. The project’s journey will see a variety of exhibitions, events, film documentaries and sharings taking place throughout 2009, culminating in a publication of a book and DVD.

The project’s mission is to create a long-term sustainable presence by creating a dynamic debate that will be both inspiring and thought-provoking. With a special focus on work in schools, colleges and youth groups, its aim is to bring in the current generation’s view point to engage, explore and embrace this history. To read more visit the official website:

In collaboration with Kuljit Bhamra, this project looks at the uprisings in Southall in 1979 and it’s lasting effect on minority communities in the UK and Europe. The Southall Story is a vast project involving arts and community groups in Southall in celebration of this remarkable town. Starting with the uprisings in 1979, The Southall Story aims to create a lasting legacy of oral, visual and written histories. Partners include Phull Images, The South Bank Centre, The British Library, Progressive Writers Association (Southall), Southall Black Sisters and other local organisations.